Do No Evil

Ever wonder what could happen if Google decided to use its power to take over the government? I explored that question in a scifi spy-thriller, set in the near-future of 2024 called Do No Evil.

The book can be purchased on the Amazon Kindle Store here.

I wrote the book so that it would be read and part of the debate about how our society should balance the power and access that digital technologies can provide private and governmental actors. So if you don’t have a kindle, or don’t want to spend $3.99 on a book by a first time author (I’ll admit, it’s no way as good a read as a book by Cory Doctorow), I’m putting up a number of open-source copies online, in as many file formats and options as I can generate.

Want another file version? Just say so in the comments to this page. And, as Cory (yes, he’s my literary hero) would point out – feel free to not only read the versions but to rip, remix, reuse and recycle the story so long as you’re adding to the conversation about our future.

Do No Evil Versions:

And, of course, you can read it online here.

If you do download, I’d love it if you could leave me comments on what you think – best on Amazon so I can gain traction – and if you really do think it has potential, I’d love it if you could pay what you think the book is worth so I could (possibly) get an editor and write the next edition of the book. Paypal is best, here.

Hope you enjoy – and hope the book helps you think about the issues our society are facing through a new light.


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