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James Bennet Gets Credit, And Rantisi Too

Give credit where credit is due–James Bennet has finally written an article I think is balanced at the least, and possibly pro-Israel at the most.
Why’s that? These two paragraphs:

But for almost a year now, Israel has also been hunting the so-called political leaders of Hamas.
At the same time, Israel’s military restrictions on Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza have hampered the ability of Hamas to strike. Mr. Rantisi did not live to see the bloody retaliation he repeatedly vowed for the killing of Sheik Yassin.

“So-called political leaders?” Rantisi actually being complicit in violence? Maybe next time Bennet and the NYTimes will have the guts to call them terrorists too. Things certainly seem to be moving along at the New York Times.
Final Note: I did not write about the Rantisi strike simply because there are so-many others that did. I believe that war is war, and that Rantisi and the Hamas must be destroyed in order for Israel and Palestine to live in peace.


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