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Results of Appeasement

When viewing the attacks on the Spanish forces in Iraq, it is hard to forget, as the NYTimes points out, that “Spain’s new government, elected just days after the bombing, has promised to make good on a pre-election promise to withdraw all Spanish troops from Iraq unless command for peacekeeping is turned over to the United Nations.”
Sadr, not an Iraq-wide popular leader and yet one with enough power to stir trouble, is a smart guy to say the least, and aimed his attack well. Will this push the Spanish government to appease more, saying they wish an immediate withdrawal, or has the new prime minister learned that talking soft during hostilities only invites further attacks? In light of the attempted bombing a few days ago in Madrid, and the fire-fights when Spanish officers tried to apprehend the planners of 3/11, it will be interesting to see how the new government reacts.


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