Shabbat Shalom from Uppsala


@aharonhorwitz and I are attending the Paideia Jpropel summit, a gathering of Jewish activists from across Europe and the world co-sponsored by Schusterman’s @roicommunity and the Pear’s Foundation Jhub. It’s fascinating to meet folks from communities across Old Europe, communities that have a total of 300 members, where some people are afraid to identify as Jewish not because of contemporary anti-Semitism but because their grandmother still believes the Germans may be back. Of course that’s not the case for everyone or every community, but I’m stuck on those communities where identity is a challenge.

A question I’m left with has to do with the future of these myriad communities: what could be the best case scenario for Jews in Europe? How could the community’s continued existence be a benefit to the Jewish People and the World?

It is somewhat fitting that this weekend coincides with the parasha (torah portion) Ve’Etkhanan’s recital of Shma Israel. Can a dispersed People operate in a coordinated fashion?

Shabbat shalom from Uppsala.


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