#tribefest panel on #punkjews kicks off @presentense presence in Las Vegas


It’s exciting for me to see how many of the people @presentense has been honored to work with over the past few years are now leading the Jewish People and representing at Tribefest. Sure, most of these folks would probably be here even without us – but it’s nice to see that they chose presentense to grow their networks and skills. On this panel, Evan is an @nycfellowship fellow, @elkesudin is the graphic artist behind our magazines for the past few issues, and Y-love is part of @shemspeed, where our global fellow 2010 @Yishaimizrachi works. And while this panel goes, other PT folks represent in different rooms–and will be on panels from everything from Tikkun Olam to Greening over the course of this conference. A few years ago we had a debate over focusing on going deep or going broad. If we were to go deep, we’d invest in a small number of people for a few years (as an incubator does) and in doing so be pretty sure the person’s success was determined by our investment. If we were to go broad we’d invest in creating a broad platform, and while most of the wonderful folks who are part of our network would have impacted the world with or without us, by working broadly we could impact the culture as a whole by aggregation innovation and leading to systemic change. We went broad, of course — 77 ventures till 2010, 83 from 6+ cities in this year alone — and I think the strategy is paying off. What a rewarding experience.


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