University of Prosumership

What is the function of an institution of Higher Learning in the digital age? If Universities are to aspire to being laboratories for human knowledge, the digital age's emphasis on individual creativity should be enhanced, and not encumbered by a traditional form of academic output (the 'research paper'); in other words, in a world in which prototypes are so easy to come by, every field should be come a field of applied research — every department should be multidisciplinary and focused on knowledge-as-it-pertains-to-life. 

So Erin and I were kicking around the idea of starting a University of Prosumership (Up). The University would be an applied research institution, one where researchers who deal with real-life questions are brought together in a multidisciplinary setting, to engage in the challenges of the day, and develop solutions that can be quickly prototyped and tested in the market. 

More on it over the next few months — the idea, though, is exciting. 


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