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EnRAPt Education! Issue 2
Hanukkah 2009
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Group Pic Dear Educators!Dear Educators!

As we enter the season of the holiday of lights, we hope that our music and education tools help make this Hanukkah more enlightening and brighter.
Happy Hanukkah from your friends at Bible Raps!

Light is in the Air!
Use Bible Raps in an awesome Hanukkah lesson!

Rashi quotes Tanchuma Bereishit in his commentary to Deuteronomy 33:2 that the Torah "was originally written before God in [letters of] black fire upon [a background of] white fire… Another explanation of אֵשׁ דָּת, as the Targum renders it, that He gave it to them from amidst the fire"
Follow the role of fire throughout Torah and explore why the flame is such a powerful symbol during the holiday of Hanukkah.

bibleraps.curriculum@gmail.com Put "Hanukkah Lesson Plan" in the subject line
and receive a wonderful classroom tool!

Great resource for teaching about tzedaka!


Bible Raps is featured on JChoice. JChoice facilitates and broadens the opportunity for young Jews to perform on-line tzedakah. A worthwhile venture to tell your students about. Check it out! JChoice.org

Bible Raps at the
UJC General Assembly 2009

  GA Interview

Matt gets interviewed by BBYO teen reporters and speaks to college journalist majors about his vision of Zionism.

Teaching Tip: Have your students use Matt's Rap "Lech L'cha" to explore their relationship to Israel.

Email bibleraps.curriculum@gmail.com to receive lyrics, rap-map, suggested lesson plan, and live video recording of this new rap!


Bible Raps featured on  "the most viewed website in Israel!"
Check it out at Ynet

Stay Connected!


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Thanks for helping us developing better Jewish learning for the next generation!

Yael Krieger
Bible Raps, Education Director


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