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What is Creative Zionism?

In the lead up to my visit and talks at the University of Oregon Hillel, their executive director, Paul Bessemer, is interviewing me for their paper. I thought the Q&A could be nice to post and hear what people thing. Here is the first question:
Question: Is the term ‘Creative Zionism’ yours? What does it mean to you,and where does it differ from simply garden-variety ‘Zionism’—assuming there is such a thing?
Zionism has become, to many if not most, either a bad word or an anachronism. For those who are wrestling with the existence of Israel, Zionism signifies the conquest of a land; for those who celebrate Israel’s existence, Zionism seems like the movement of yesteryear which has served out its purpose. Unfortunately, both understandings of Zionism do not fully grasp the potential within the idea — and the good that can come from its values. Zionism was developed as the idea that the Jewish People have a collective potential that is bigger than religion, and have a role to serve in the world beyond their individual communities. Zionist thinkers such as Ahad Haam, Martin Buber, Mordechai Kaplan and even Zeev Jabotinsky understood that the Jewish People has a collective potential that can be realized only once it comes together and works together, tackling together those challenges facing not only the Jewish People but humanity as a whole. Creative Zionism is that original idea, upgraded. Creative Zionism recognizes that our current age is defined not necessarily by the capital resources at an individual’s disposal, but the creativity of the individual. We have entered a Creative Age, where our economies are driven by innovation — where the individual is ever more important for the collective. As such, Creative Zionism believes that the collective potential of the Jewish People will be best realized when individuals will find that they can best actualize themselves within the Jewish People — and when the Jewish People enables individual actualization for the furtherance of the collective.


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I am the worst blogger

I admit it–I’m the worst blogger there is. I have published in Haaretz again, and didn’t think of posting it here. Truth is, I don’t remember if I published two articles or only one — that’s how bad of a blogger I am.
I would like to say that I’ll try harder – but I won’t. So I’m wondering: anyone have a solution to help me blog better?

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