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Site Undergoing Overhaul – Updates in Digest Form

I apologize for not posting – due to the mechanics of this site, I decided to put it through an overhaul a few months ago, and that overhaul has taken longer than expected. Since then, a lot has changed — namely:
1. PresenTense published a new issue: PT3 on the True Colors of the Jews
2. I published an article on intermarriage in PT3 arguing that intermarriage is not the problem, indifference is: The Biblical Case for Intermarriage
3. Aharon Horwitz and I started the PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism, bringing together socially-minded entrepreneurs from around the world for six weeks of intensive training and creation. There was lots of press about that.
4. Aharon and I developed and slidecast a vision for the future growth of the Creative Zionist Network, here.
5. Esther Kustanowitz and I co-authored a piece on how Information Technology has affected and will affect Jewish education: Information Nation: Expanding Education’s Frontier to Find “Generation Tech”
6. I gave a talk at the Skirball Center on the Israel-Diaspora relationship and the mandate for Jewish creativity: Raising Babylon to Zion (see podcast link too)
7. Aharon and I toured 11 states and met with countless Feds, JCCs, College groups to present our observations on post-Digital Jewish life. We slidecast our talk too.
8. The presentation was based upon an op-ed Aharon and I coauthored for Haaretz.
9. Grad School continues — I’m taking six classes this semester for my two Master’s Degrees — and the best thing to come out of it is that I’ve finally learned elements of project management, nonprofit law, building effective teams, tools to develop management skills, and have read and re-read texts on the Jewish relationship to power.
10. The World Jewish Digest honored my work — although none of it would have been possible without the amazing passion and energy of the members of my teams. To them I owe it all.
I think that about covers it; I hope to have a new site up by the end of the Winter break (I’ll be heading to Israel for the Mandel Winter Consultation, and spending much time in Tal Bagel’s as usual) — and I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the various articles and ideas and projects spun out over the past few months. May we have a happy holiday of lights.


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