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Why I am a Creative Zionist

I was asked to contribute to a book collecting personal statements from certain folks about their connection to Israel, called Dream of Zion. Here is what I wrote: \
Human beings are no good alone. Even though no community is perfect, we humans need others to surround us as a community if we’re to ever get anything done. Once we recognize this point—and thereby see through the mirage of radical individualism—all that remains is to ask: which community would you like to be part of? Even were I not a Jew I believe I would want to be part of the Jewish People—despite the fact that was born and raised in America. Throughout the generations, we Jews have maintained our connection to the Jewish People despite our geographic dispersal, and it is through the strength of this international network and the support it provides that Jews are well over-represented in humanity’s halls of achievements. While many of us are American by birth or citizenship, our personal narratives go back much further; our Founding Fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob predate Washington, Hamilton and Jefferson by thousands of years. I cannot imagine a more noble people to whom I’d wanted to be bound in covenant.
Moreover, how much can we as Jews really affect America? We represent such a small percentage of the country that our voice can only go so far. So, too, was it in the past: our potential was never fully realized in the Diaspora; while excelling in science and business, we were fundamentally alienated from the community in whose midst we lived. The same creativity that could develop new paradigms of consciousness in fields from psychology to physics was effectively limited from creating and enacting new paradigms of government and civil service. Our yearning for Zion was and is like a departed soul’s yearning to return to a physical body, the yearning to arise and walk again. Israel, like any physical body, is imperfect—and yet like a body it serves as the tool for the perfection of the soul.
Therefore, I ascribe to Creative Zionism, a belief that a sovereign state is an instrumental step towards creating a world in which the potential of the Jewish People is fully realized. Israel, as a state that represents the collective will of the Jewish People through a representative system of government, provides a foundation for all Jews, no matter where in the world, to participate in every aspect of their lives as Jews: from rocket science to garbage collection, no task is beyond our framework, no obstacle cannot be tackled by our creative spirit. It is through dealing with the most mundane, through solving human problems together with other human beings that share our history and narrative, that we can rise above our current hardships and shine as a community out towards the world as a light unto the nations


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