Institute for Creative Zionism Featured in Haaretz

The PresenTense Institute for Creative Zionism was featured in a full-page article today in Haaretz’s business section, also known as The Marker. While the English translation hasn’t yet been posted, I wanted to share with you this great milestone in the movement towards a Zionist renaissance–one built upon the notion that the creativity of the Jewish People is brought to its full potential by our unity and our resolve to continue improving the world through improving our place in it.
As Ahad Haam foretold over a century ago in his essays and pamphlets–and particularly in his “Jewish State, Jewish Problem“–the creation of a political entity for the Jewish People will not alone save the Jews from the challenges we face in every generation. Instead, the State must serve as a focal point and a tool–a means for continual growth and development, for persistent creativity. We aspire to take up the challenge of developing new ways to approach Jewish life in the here and now, new ways that will affect the future of the Jewish People around the world–and if the extraordinary growth of the Israeli hi-tech industry is any indication, Israeli social entrepreneurship is certainly poised for an explosion in creativity which we hope to be a part of.


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