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Leading Up North and Israel’s Channel One

From December 26th until January 4th I was blessed by the Schusterman Foundation‘s Center for Leadership Initiatives with the opportunity to volunteer in Israel’s North–specifically in the towns of Metula and Kiryat Shmoneh.
The trip was the proof of concept, as Avery Pack put it, for a paradigm shift in Israel programming: programs that focus on one’s obligation to invest one’s time into Israel and to get to know it’s daily life, instead of trips that focus on what Israel will do for you.
Service, it seems, is the correct way to build ties between Diaspora Jews and Israelis–and I think the message came through to most of the media covering it, including the Forward, Ynet, and more to come.
I say so much in this interview on Israel’s channel one. Well, I tried to say so much–but my rusty Hebrew didn’t do well by me. To skip the whole show and see my interview, move the little box above “CastUP” between the U and P (closer to the P). Enjoy.


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