They Keep On Accusing

The Dissident Voice just published an article repeating the oft-stated lie that I work or have worked for Campus Watch. I never have. This is the email I sent the author of the article, Richard Hugus

Hi Richard,
Please correct a false accusation made in your article on the Dissident Voice: in it, you write that I worked for Campus Watch and cite proof that 11 articles of mine appear on Campus Watch’s webste.
I do not work and have never worked for Campus Watch. And the evidence you cite to support your accusation is left wanting. 25 articles by Joseph Massad appear on Campus Watch’s website–does that mean that Joseph Massad works two jobs for them?
I’ve made this point numerous times over the past two years.
It is true, I served in the IDF. I also founded an international umbrella organization for socialist movement in 1998 called, “The First of May” (and later “Youth to Youth”) organization–and worked with Palestinian youth in Gaza through my socialist-Zionist youth movement Hashomer Hatzair. You do not cite that in your article–and, instead, paint me in the same distorted fashion that others have done, in order to simplify reality and avoid the tough questions that should come with an open-minded look at the world.
While you are certainly justified in having your opinion on what goes on at Columbia, you do not have the ethical right to draw false conclusions in your articles from partial evidence. Doing so makes you no better than the Bush administration, who you yourself have bashed for concealing evidence in order to make their case for War.

Heh. Let’s see how they respond.


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