The Long Winter March

After writing my last post, I flew to Israel to attend my grandfather’s funeral and spend time at the Shiva on Kibbutz Reshafim, then to return to the city with a week left to work on my final research papers. It was hard to leave my family, to leave Israel, to leave my grandfather’s memory—but there are some things I’d rather not fully share with the world. Luckily, my grandfather’s work ethic has been deeply instilled in me, enabling me to get my papers done in time, and am rather proud of two of the six: a paper exploring the possibility of reading the book of Deuteronomy through Josiah’s eyes, and a course on Rabbinic Theology. Take a look and tell me what you think.
Since then, I have been working on a few of my extra-curriculars: preparing to teach three classes next semester (two at Prozdor Hebrew High School–one on the History of Israel and another on Rabbinic Theology–and one at the Park Avenue Synagogue on Jewish Social Justice as part of their Chesed program); developing BlogsofZion and finding classic Zionist texts for inclusion in our archives; starting up a new Jewish magazine, PresenTense, for the Generation X set (website being developed); and co-producing a feature length documentary on why and how some young Jews remain connected to the Jewish tradition (a promo of which was presented by Daniella Kahane at Limmud this year). And I set up a MySpace account–which has taken more time than anything above. And I’m applying to a different graduate program for next year: NYU’s Dual-Degree Program in Non-Profit Management and Judaic Studies. Which rocks.
So, the long winter march continues. Classes have begun, teaching has begun, and blogging continues at BlogsofZion. Join the conversation.


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