Liveblogging from the GA

I’m currently at the GA–the largest Jewish convention of North America–and liveblogging on BlogsofZion from the location. Lots going on–and I’m learning and growing in my perceptions a lot.
The main lesson I seem to be learning is that the Jewish community needs to learn better how to deal with the diversity of the Jewish youth. As of now I disagree with Hillel’s new Millenial initiative because I think Hillel should not be all things to all people. Hillel, in my eyes, should focus on providing Jews a context to live the Jewish tradition, and be upfront about its agenda of creating committed Jews. But it should also be open to innovation by students for students, providing them the tools and resources they need to make their visions real. Striking this balance–keeping true to the tradition in its various ways while providing students the freedom and support to explore their Jewish-ness in the way that speaks to them–should be their mission, not providing students with one or two Jewish experiences during the course of their college careers. Give up the monopoly, Hillel, and grow your competitors. There are no losers in a game where everyone is committed to bringing the Jewish identity to life.


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