Thinking Out of the Box

I’ve been in a bind lately. On one hand, I’m a Liberal. I believe in universal healthcare, fixing the gross imbalances of power and poverty, and protecting the civil rights and liberties of all human beings. On the other hand, I’m sick and tired of the monotone voice in the Academy. I’m a liberal Liberal–I like debate, discussion, disagreement. I believe that dissonance is the best way to bring progress.
And that’s why I’ve been digging John Tierney’s columns so much. (Yes, I’ve been reading the NYTimes. My house subscribes to the print edition, so I’ll actually link to them just this once.) Both Where the Cronies Dwell and Why Righties Can’t Teach are great columns, showing the depths of illiberalism that has befallen what should be the great center of debate.
So, conservative though I may not be, Tierney is the columnist for me.


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