Tikkun Addresses Columbia Again

Ari Paul in Tikkun addresses the Columbia controversy in what is a fair, if not thoroughly researched, article–from what I know, he never spoke to any of us involved. And I should know.
Regardless, while he doesn’t explain how exactly one can provide definitive proof of an interaction between student and professor (does Ari demand the same burden of proof from every victim of abuse?) he does bring up a good point:

Forget for a moment that the accusations in Columbia Unbecoming were, in fact, highly suspect. Let us imagine that professors had lashed out at Jewish students for political disagreements. Not only would such acts be intellectual crimes, they would constitute institutional bigotry. Given Bollinger’s initial decision to treat the accusations with a faculty panel filled with members having conflicts of interest in the case, it is clear that real issues of anti-Semitism, or other forms of racism for that matter, could never be dealt properly under Bollinger’s watch. This was bad publicity for an Ivy League school like Columbia, but it was an especially big blow to Bollinger, who has made his academic and legal career by being a champion of the First Amendment and diversity.

It’s worth reading the rest too.


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