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Lots of Blogging Going on…

But it’s all over at Blogs of Zion.


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Black-Jewish Relations

Eric Sundquist has an interesting article on Black-Jewish relations in the Chronicle of Higher Education. Especially interesting is the way he portrays the initial impact of Zionism and later of the Six Day War of 1967 on the relationship. [crossposted]

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Let’s start with religious tolerance – then we’ll talk about peace

Before there can be peace, religious tolerance would be nice. Those who say that the Palestinian leadership wants peace but cannot work-towards it while under occupation should take a look at the one place that Muslims have sole authority in Israel, the Temple Mount and the Waqf, where Jews are banned from entering. When Jews will be permitted to access their holy sites (without having to sneak in) just as Muslims can access their own, that’s when we’ll have something to talk about.

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The Unknown and Intelligent Design

A New York Times book review of Warped Passages brings up an interesting point for the whole Intelligent Design debate: how much do we really know about science, anyway? I’m not a fundamentalist saying that God created the world in six days–but it is important for us post-Descartes individuals to get off our triumphalist high horse every once in a while and realize that we still know very little about the secrets of the Universe. Does that mean ID should be taught alongside evolution? Not necessarily. But it does mean that we should teach evolution–and all science–with a grain of salt.

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Arnaud De Borchgrave brings up a very interesting point in UPI:

With oil at $60 a barrel, Saudi Arabia is now raking in some $500 million each and every day of the year, which adds up to $182 billion a year. Tiny Abu Dhabi is approaching $200 million a day. The six Gulf Cooperation Council countries will make $300 billion this year from their oil exports.
If Arab oil producers would just kick in a day or two of their oil royalties to bail out their Palestinian brethren, Gaza could be rebuilt into a modern city-state.

They could help by stopping to support the terroist organizations such as Hamas, too.

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Practice What You Preach

Tech Central Station has a great article following up on Noam Chomsky’s being voted the World’s Top Intellectual. While I am very proud that a fellow graduate of Hashomer Hatzair has been recognized by the international community, I have to say that this article brings up a very good point: political ethics are only as good as the people who preach them. If Chomsky blasts corporations for exploitation, he shouldn’t invest in them–with such a large net worth we sure as hell know he doesn’t need to.
(HT, Martin Kramer’s linkbar]

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Thinking Out of the Box

I’ve been in a bind lately. On one hand, I’m a Liberal. I believe in universal healthcare, fixing the gross imbalances of power and poverty, and protecting the civil rights and liberties of all human beings. On the other hand, I’m sick and tired of the monotone voice in the Academy. I’m a liberal Liberal–I like debate, discussion, disagreement. I believe that dissonance is the best way to bring progress.
And that’s why I’ve been digging John Tierney’s columns so much. (Yes, I’ve been reading the NYTimes. My house subscribes to the print edition, so I’ll actually link to them just this once.) Both Where the Cronies Dwell and Why Righties Can’t Teach are great columns, showing the depths of illiberalism that has befallen what should be the great center of debate.
So, conservative though I may not be, Tierney is the columnist for me.

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