Showing How Much They Value Discourse

Someone on Columbia’s campus played a great practical joke on the more illiberal radical Lefties on campus, posting the following flyer in dorms:

Join us for our Fall ’05 Kick-Off event!
9/29 11:30 AM at the sundial
Take back our education! Join us in the disposal of seditious and treasonous books,magazines, newspapers!
Political indoctrination in the classroom and the exclusion of conservatives from college faculties are violations of academic freedom and an offense to the very concept of a liberal education! To name one glaring example, professors refuse to teach anything other than the negative side of slavery!!
We can’t allow Marxist professors to aid the terrorists with talk of “Diversity” and “Multiculturalism!” Stop forcing us to learn about people we’ll never meet!!
Academia is under the control of left-wing ideologues who support the enemies of America and the enemies of America’s freedoms. Professors who teach foreign languages only aid the enemy. Remove from campus any professor who speaks anything other than American!!
We need to take back Columbia University!*****

I guess the author intended on poking fun at my friends and I who fought for students’ rights last year in Columbians for Academic Freedom, but the joke seemed to backfire–we laughed at the ridiculousness while Columbia’s Student Solidarity Group (the PC Police) didn’t find it funny:

I am not making this up….I can’t really believe that this could be
serious, but at the same time, if this is meant to be a joke, it is
not at all funny. I think we need to make sure people from the
branch are around tomorrow at 11:30. There is no fucking way we
are letting these far-right racist assholes onto our campus.

Wow. The flyer was ridiculous, and I would probably think the people in the pseudo-group were a bit scratched in the brain. But I’m still shocked by how militant Zach and co’ are. Guess it proves how open they are open to views not their own.


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