In Light of the New Situation

Classifying the newly created political entity of Gaza is a tough job–Gaza never was fully autonomous, not in the modern era at least, and so thinking of it as a territorial unit with sovereign responsibilities is, well, to rethink the blame-game in light of the new situation. It is in this light that I was surprised by Ha’aretz’s editorial on the violence between Gaza and Israel:

Now that the withdrawal is completed and the border crossings have become de facto international ones, Israel must treat attacks launched from the PA like attacks from any other country – which becomes an enemy state the moment such an action happens. We cannot accept excuses such as the lack of control by those who have accepted control over the entire Gaza Strip. The fact that we are talking about a kind of Palestinian state makes both the missile attacks and the response to them even more significant in terms of the mutual harm to sovereignty. Just as it is difficult to accept attacks from the PA on Israel, it is equally difficult to accept the IDF’s automatic entry into Gaza every time the quiet is violated. Assertive security dialogue with the PA is the main weapon Israel should use, without compromise or concessions.

Wow. Ha’aretz declared war. Now let’s wait to see if the NYTimes has anything more to say about it other than this lame story.
(By the way, compare the Times story to this one in the Washington Post–my paper of choice since the Times decided to charge for online content).


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