Now’s Your Chance to Uphold Standards

Now’s the International Community’s chance to uphold international standards regarding houses of worship–a number of synagogues, ancient and modern, have been left behind in Gaza, in the care of the Palestinians. Only thing is that the Palestinians have made it clear that they intend to see the holy places demolished. So, while Israel protects the mosques in its midst–including the Mosque of Al-Aksa, built on land conquered by colonizing Muslim forces–and prosecutes its own citizens if they desecrate another faith, the Palestinians will repeat their disregard for other people’s holy places.
I can’t help recalling how very concerned the International Community was when it thought that mosques might be attacked in Iraq, or the Church of the Nativity might be in danger when terrorists holed up in it. Maybe, just maybe, someone in that great big moral world out there could muster up the same righteousness now?


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