Katrina and Chaos

I do not know what is the greater tragedy: the damage inflicted by Katrina, or the disgusting face of human wickedness bared in the ensuing chaos. Both are horrific, and both should have been prevented–or pre-empted, to use a term better suited for this president and administration.
No, the federal government cannot solve all problems, and there certainly is a lot of room for local responsibility. But the fact that President Bush and his team did not learn from the flak they got for the slow response to the Tsunami–and, instead of being ready to go into crisis management at the drop of the hat waited unbearably long to react suitably if at all–shows how bankrupt in leadership this administration is.
True, I supported and continue to support the War for Iraq, and the push to overthrow dictators; I am resolutely anti-totalitarian, and believe that making democratization a priority in geopolitics is the only moral thing to do. Believing that some people like living under tyranny is simply racist. But the macro looses significance when you loose sight of the micro–and that is what the administration has consistently done, in Afghanistan, Iraq and now New Orleans: they forgot that the big picture means nothing if the people within that picture cannot live decent, secure lives. The chaos that is engulfing our present reality is a direct result of this lack of care for the micro, and I look forward to the day when we will have a leader in the White House who truly cares about the people. Every last one of them.


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