Consolidating Populations in Gaza and Jerusalem

Not many people from the Left, or the pro-Two-State side on which I consider myself, will tell you that clearing Jews from Gaza is a bad thing. While I think that the human element is serious indeed–uprooting any person is horrible, especially people who have built their lives on a piece of land–the greater good leads one to conclude that a Palestinian Gaza is better than a Gaza divided.
But mention the non-aggressive expansion of Jewish settlement in the Old City of Jerusalem, and many of the same people who advocate a forceful evacuation of Jews from Gaza will all of a sudden be warriors for the status-quo.
Or, in other words, population consolidation is only good when it aids the Arabs, and never good when it aids the Jews.
To make myself clear: violent expulsion of Arabs from Israel is absolutely wrong, even if violent expulsion of Jews from Gaza might be a qualified right, since the Jewish State in its essence has an interest in reducing its points of friction with its not-so-loving neighbors. But to not realize that the same incentives that lead the State to near the brink of civil war in the Disengagement also justify the consolidation of Jewish majorities in areas that are integral to the State’s existence–in an ethical, non-violent manner–is to grant the Arabs what one does not grant the Jews. And that’s racist.


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