Orientalism and the Pull-Out

If Orientalism, in its crudest most accusatory sense, means infantilizing the people of the East and assuming that only the Modern Western-oriented person can truly be a political player, the New York Times has gone Orientalist. In an editorial, the NYTimes blames Israel for the state of the Palestinian security forces. Not once does it ask what the Palestinians could do, or should do, to better the situation.
For godsakes, the United State of America is on the Palestinian Authority side in this matter, not to mention the UN, all of Europe, Asia. Hell, everyone. And, if the US really thought that all it would take for the PA to function is more arms and ammo, it would happen. But I suspect the US does not really believe that these logistical improvements will do much–especially since all of the arms and armor that has gone to the PA has essentially gone to waste due to Arafat’s duplicity–as the NYTimes itself reported–and most of the newly acquired arms would, probably, be funneled to the gangs that now rule much of the PA’s territory.
In other words, it is up to the Palestinians themselves to prove that they can control their already existing forces, and only then will in make sense to invest in them. Can they do it? Bassem Eid, founder of the Palestinian Human Rights Monitoring Group, isn’t sure. But at least he suggests what should be done…by the Palestinians.


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