Minorities and Terrorism

Zvi Bar’el writes in Ha’aretz about the incitement case involving Sheikh Ra’ad Salah, the leader of the Islamic movement in Israel, and contrasts the way Israel’s dealt with him to how Blair has been dealing with the fallout from the 7/7 attacks in London.
On one hand, he’s right–people certainly should not be indicted for voicing equivocal statements regarding suicide bombing. But the evidence he uses is worse than flawed: it’s dishonest. In trying to compare the way London’s Islamic community views England and terrorism to the way the Israeli Arab-Palestinian community views Israel, he leaves out two crucial facts: First, the Islamic Movement in England does not seek to join in solidarity with, say, Ireland. Second, and more importantly, the united British Muslim community issued a ruling (fatwa) explicitly forbidding suicide bombing, no exceptions.
There is no question that Israel bears a lot of blame as to the socio-economic conditions of Israeli-Arab/Palestinians. But the Islamic Movement bears responsibility too–and a first step towards trust could be to adopt the resolution passed by their British brethren.


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