Hipsters and Anti-Semitism

Zeek, a magazine on Jewish thought and culture, features a great article on Hipsters and the rise of anti-Semitism. The connections they draw are deft–and, from my experience, true. Along with the fetishization of all things Middle Eastern among members of the youth counter-culture as a reaction to 9-11, the New Cool Left has adopted an very clear line of anti-Zionism sometimes straight out of the propaganda books. For them, criticizing Israel has nothing to do with actual concrete policies, but with Israel’s very existence–what would be unthinkable if applied to any other people, especially to Palestinians.
Best quote from the piece is the conclusion:

To end on a hopeful note, the turnaround from hipsterdom to mainstream is about five years (see bellbottoms and nose rings). This means that antisemitism will be back in vogue amongst the suburban masses before the end of this decade, and hence, anathema to the hipster, who will once again love Jews.

Hope we won’t have to wait that long.


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