What Has Captured My Attention – Thesis Done

After many months, and regrettably not enough time, I turned in my senior thesis on Thursday. Here it is, on-line, for all to tear apart (hopefully with care).
Here is a paragraph from the introduction to help you decide whether or not you would like to take it on:

In focusing on this case [of the Hebron Riots], this thesis will inquire as to what causes brother to rise up against brother, neighbor against neighbor, and what led these two peoples who had otherwise lived in peace to come into conflict in 1929. Taking into account the historical context, and the general consensus in the literature reviewed throughout this paper that the Riots were not an isolated event but rather the culmination of a process developing for some time and included the imposition of British rule over Palestine, the question of animosity can be more narrowly focused: What caused Jews and Arabs to abandon their previous period of cooperation—or at the very least the previous status quo of non-violent relations—in favor of violence and competition, and why did the groups choose to compete against one another rather than banding together to throw off the British mandate in favor of mutual self-determination?

Hope you enjoy it, and look forward to your criticism.


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