Sometimes the future is unclear…

One of the reasons my posting has been so light is that I am in the process of re-writing my thesis, due next Tuesday. The other was that I was awaiting the results of my application to graduate school–and today I found myself to be rejected by Princeton.
I hoped that my grades, along with my publications, my life experience and my participation on campus life as president of the student body, would help me get into the Politics Department’s Political Philosophy Program. Guess I was wrong.
Luckily, I was convinced by a friend to apply at the last minute to the Jewish Theological Seminary, and was accepted to a Masters Program in Jewish Philosophy, which is the first step to a PhD. So now, after receiving an email from Princeton bearing the bad news, I am frantically trying to put together my financial aid information to enable me to continue my academic life. In any case, that’s why I’m not posting.
NOTE: It turns out my thesis is only due March 31st. Nice. Back to posting soon.


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