Sometimes It’s Sad When You’re Right

Turns out that my predictions about how the ACLU event would go were spot on. According to the panelists last night, we students are engaging in something worse than McCarthyism. Why? Well that was not ever really made clear. Something about trying to influence the world of ideas through using the press. I don’t know why someone would want to do that–argue ideas, that is. I mean, who would be so stupid to think that one could argue with a PhD, or that a PhD has to defend their position?
What bothered me the most, though, is that they point out the “Jewish Money” going into this “ideological war,” without any reference to the insane amounts of money poured in by Saudi Arabia ($250,000 for a lecture series at Columbia alone) and the United Arab Emirates ($200,000 for a chair Rashid Khalidi sits on named after Edward Said). It is as if oil-money is above criticism because it comes from outside America, but Jewish money focused on inspiring a view that does not see Israelis as Nazis is bad.
Personally, I think that both are protected by Free Speech. And, as long as the sources of funding are declared, and that the money is not from a tyrannical regime, neither is McCarthyite.
But not to the folks last night, it seems. Too bad. [crossposted]


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