110 Blocks

Sam Freedman, the Columbia professor of Jew vs. Jew fame among other things, published his column this week in the NYTimes about the need for an Israel Studies Chair at Columbia to set things straight. I don’t know. I’ve argued in the past that an Israel studies chair, in the current environment described well by Alan Dershowitz, would only aggravate the situation.
What’s for sure is that Zweig’s attitude is what’s missing. He says,

“My goal is to make the students think, not tell them what to think,” Professor Zweig said. “I’m glad when students walk away from my class feeling that I’ve had respect for their views. That’s an obligation of professors. We have a mantle of authority and it is scandalous for us to exploit this position in order to propagate our own views.”

Damn straight. [crossposted]


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