NY Post on Columbia

One thing is for sure: the New York Post supports our efforts, and understands that we are asking for more dialogue rather than less. If only they would have known that Donna Liebermann and co. hadn’t even seen the film–and therefore of course can’t take the charges at “face value” because they do not even know the full extent of the charges–I’m sure the editorial would have been even harder hitting.
One thing I do not understand, though, is what is wrong with histories of left-wing activism? I myself have a history of left-wing activism too. The problem with the committee Bollinger set up isn’t that they are left-wing, but that they are all personally or professionally close to the professors in question. It is the worst case of a stacked-deck I’ve seen yet.
This isn’t an issue of “Left” or “Right.” It is an issue of honesty, credibility and academic freedom. It is a movement to end the “inquisition” that students undergo in classes every semester for over a decade by their professors who seek out the “Zionists” among them–or those others with un-academically-popular political views–and make them into a target for ridicule. And it is a shame that the NYCLU was not able to see that.
Or see the film and know what its talking about, at the very least, before it made a public statement.


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