What Investigation?

President Bollinger, in the class he teaches at Columbia, told students yesterday that the Provost has already begun with an investigation into charges raised by Columbia Unbecoming.
But no-one has contacted the students with the complaints.
We are two weeks into the public din, nearly a year since the first “investigation” conducted by the University “found no evidence,” and yet not one email or phone-call was initiated by the administration. Not one. So, please excuse me if I do not follow the route of the Spectator’s editorial board (who for some reason has not printed Liz Shrier’s rebuttal to Prof. Saliba’s blatant lies published in their pages, or Noah Liben’s response to the hatred spewed at the screening by audience members) and praise the President for his response–I haven’t seen anything yet. And I would hope that the student body will join us in calling for an independent investigation, seeing as how the committees set up by the University seem to find only what they want to find.


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