I do not work for Campus Watch

I just have to make something very clear: I do not work for Campus Watch, nor have I every written anything for them. Campus Watch is an independent organization that picks up articles from the press, and puts it on their website. Joseph Massad’s articles are featured, as are George Saliba’s, as are mine. Neither Joseph Massad nor George Saliba nor myself work for Campus Watch.
I do have to say something, though, about Campus Watch: they are not censoring anyone. They are voicing their opinions, exercising their own freedom of speech, and we may disagree with them, but they have the right to voice their opinion just like anyone else. They are not faculty members, they do not decide on tenure, they do not represent anyone but themselves. And so columns like the one published today in the Spectator are absolutely wrong. Campus Watch, I would think, is no less funded than Columbia University or the Middle East and Asian Languages and Cultures department. But well, I wouldn’t know, considering that I do not work for them.
The point is, freedom of speech does not protect one from criticism. Exactly the opposite. By exercising my freedom of speech last night I am being attacked. But it was my choice to speak, and it is professor’s choice to air their opinions, and we all have to defend each otherís rights not only to speak but to criticize and be criticized in a respectable manner. So, if you think that Campus Watch is too shrill a voice, say it. But do not call their criticism censorship.


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