A Summary of the New at Columbia

Here is a quick summary of what’s new at Columbia:
1. The Columbia administration knew about the film months ago, as did the committee which was charged, by Bollinger, to investigate claims of bias and intimidation in the classroom. They did nothing.
2. We know the committee was offered to see the film in an email sent to them in February. Does that matter? According to Columbia’s email policy it does, since the University has established “email as an official means of communication with students.” The policy statement also notes that “The University expects that every student will receive email at his or her Columbia University email address and will read email on a frequent and consistent basis. A student’s failure to receive and read University communications in a timely manner does not absolve that student from knowing and complying with the content of such communications.” I would argue that means faculty and administrators are also bound by this decision.
3. Seeing as how the administration knew about the claims and swept them under the rug, it seems there is a much bigger story here than first thought–how many other claims had the committee seen and not reported? Are there other students and student groups at Columbia who testified, only to be told that “there is no evidence of bias or intimidation”?
Bollinger had better act fast to clean up this mess–it will be hard for him to justify the fundraising campaign if the administration is abdicating its responsibilities towards its students.


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