College Newspapers on the Columbia Abuse Scandal

I just now came across the Harvard Crimson’s article on the Columbia abuse scandal, and it made me think: do other schools even know about what is going on? I know Molly of whatwouldphoebedo, and a columnist at the University of Chicago’s Maroon is interested, but where are the other students? Why no solidarity? I mean, we are talking about the right of a student to academic freedom and a fear-free classroom.
To answer my own question, I know it is because people do not know what to make of it yet. So here is a bit of information: the film will be publicly screened at Columbia, this November 3rd at 10:15pm in Lerner Cinema. While you need a Columbia University ID to enter the premises, I hope that the public screening with lead to a bit more understanding among the Columbia population at the very least, and it could indicate a movement towards making the entire documentary available to the general public in another way.


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