Arafat Cursed?

Just to widen the scope of this blog’s recent postings, for a second: a quote by one of Arafat’s doctors struck me as interesting:

Dr. Mustafa Barghouti, a politician and one of the first to visit the ailing Arafat Wednesday night, observed Friday that masses of people failed to show up “because when [Israeli Prime Minister Ariel] Sharon threatened to assassinate Arafat it was understood that the Palestinians would rise to protect him. But who are they going to rise up against now, God?”

I know that religious people in general feel that everything occurs in accord with God’s will, so is the sentiment in the street that God wants Arafat to die? And, if so, does that mean that Sharon’s plan and Arafat’s illness indicate that God wants peace? That does give a bit of concreteness to the saying in Hebrew, “Ya’aseh Shalom Aleinu.” If true, it means that God has finally heard the cries of all of Abraham’s children.


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