Where is Bollinger’s Statement?

This could be an interesting question to ponder on the day of rest: why has President Bollinger, or any other official who has viewed the film and seen the allegations, not put a public statement on the Columbia website–as he did when African-Americans were disturbed by a cartoon in a student paper last year? Not to diminish that incident, but rather to say that both seem pretty similar to me–so why the difference in action?
Could it be that he feels that meeting with Abe Foxman is enough? But Abe Foxman does not represent me. He has not met with the students who were affected, nor seen the video. Neither has Bollinger, for that matter. Doesn’t that seem a little strange that neither “president” has contacted the very people who were affected, and who are at the center of this controversy?
The problem, as I see it, is that both Bollinger and Foxman see this as a Jewish problem, which it isn’t. It is a student problem, and no “official organization” now in existence, except the David Project, has any right whatsoever to speak on behalf of the students in the film at this point.


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