Spectator’s Editorial

I commend the Spectator for taking a nuanced stance on the subject of professorial abuse, even while I disagree with some of their assertions. But that is the way of the world, and if only the classroom allowed the same sort of agreement with dissent, we’d be at a different place right now.
I am happy that it has now become apparent to all that MEALAC needs to be balanced. I agree that this does not mean firing faculty members who are not abusing students, but I disagree with the assertion that “The high quality of Massad’s scholarship, along with that of his colleagues in MEALAC, cannot be questioned.” It can and has to be questioned—that is the nature and right of the intellectual community, and the lack of questioning of their scholarship, and thereby the giving of a carte blanche to their behavior in light of it, is, I believe, what got us into this mess in the first place.


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