Moshe Rubin’s Email to Massad Was Just Wrong

I was shocked and appalled to see the email allegedly sent to Massad by Moshe Rubin, saying:

“Go back to Arab land where Jew hating is condoned. Get the hell out of America. You are a disgrace and a pathetic typical Arab liar.”

This is plainly a racist attack, and is absolutely unacceptable. No attack or harassment is acceptable, and doing so is only stooping to the level of the abusers.
We cannot let extremists hijack this issue, and turn attention from the abuse of professorial power into one where professors themselves are the victims. In this issue, student’s rights to a safe environment come first.


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    As I have written before, we stand firmly against racism and ad-hominem attacks of all forums, and our opposition and disgust extends to the much quoted comments allegedly made by Moshe Rubin to Joseph Massad among the others that the professors mentio…