Articles today about Columbia Controversy

The Sun published another article, with a damning revelation by Dan Miron that:

Mr. Miron, who saw the film, said he hears similar stories from students about once a week, often concerning professors’ laughing at them or shouting them down. He said he hasn’t passed the complaints to the administration because “it’s not my role – if they want to go, it’s their thing.” He also said Columbia’s response to the situation in general has been “very weak.”

The New York Times weighs in, and finally has the courage to drop the pro-Israel title from the David Project, making clear that it was founded by “Charles Jacobs, a management consultant who was a co-founder of the American Anti-Slavery Group, and by Avi Goldwasser, a technology industry executive.” Massad is quoted, saying:

“This is a propaganda film funded by a pro-Israel group as part of a racist witchhunt of Arab and Muslim professors,” he said. “I have intimidated no one. Neither Columbia University nor I have ever received a complaint from any student.”

Which is to be expected, considering that “The university’s normal grievance procedure, he said, involves reporting problems to professors or department chairmen, and in some cases those are the people who have helped create an intimidating atmosphere” as the Times accurately notes.
Haaretz gets it totally wrong when Amiram Barkat reports that “Jewish and pro-Israel organizations are demanding that Columbia University in New York fire a Jordanian professor of Palestinian origin who allegedly expressed anti-Israeli and anti-Semitic views in class and displayed a hostility toward Israeli and Jewish students.” We in no way are doing this to get anyone fired. If the charges are true, we hope the University will decide on the proper recourse of action.


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