Spec Shows its Bias on Film

Ah, my former paper, the Spectator, showed its bias today for all to see: commenting on the David Project film and the intimidation in the classroom I was warning about when I used to write there. Well, truth is they did not cover the story directly–only through Bollinger’s remarks to the Senate, which makes it even better an indicator about how much they care about the whole situation. The best part is that it waved away the whole story by calling the David Project a “Zionist Organization” and left it at that–use the “dirty word” and that should be enough reporting, thank you very much.
No mention of the David Project’s actual activities, or its statement that “The Middle East conflict has resulted in profound suffering for both Arabs and Israelis. There is a moral imperative to alleviate this suffering for current and future generations. We do not claim to have the solution to this tragic situation, but we believe that the path to peace begins with a fair and honest understanding of the conflict.” No–call it what amounts to an epithet on the college campus, and leave it at that.
What would you expect, from a paper that fired all of the anti-Ideological-intimidation columnists it had, whose current managing editor openly emailed the opinion editors last year to tell them (and this is a quote from his email) “Just so you know, the entire MEALAC department has decided not to talk to Spec news reporters, because of the dissenting Said edit that ran on Monday. This is hopefully (and probably) only a temporary thing. But guys, in the future, let’s please try to be very careful about how we deal with this department.”
So–let’s put things straight: the Spectator, the paper of the students, is doing a very good job covering up for the faculty and repressing the voices of the very students it is supposed to represent. How’s that for being the public watchdog?


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