Columbia Controversy Heating Up

The Daily News jumped on the anti-Zionist urges in Columbia, and the anti-Semitism it spawns, in its editorial yesterday, and the Sun writes another editorial today, along with a follow up article by Jacob Gershman on Representative Anthony Weiner’s call for Columbia to fire Joseph Massad.
As I told Jacob yesterday, I do not support outside involvement in what should be an internal issue–I think the administration should show leadership and take care to fix this problem that has been affecting Columbia and its integrity for too long. It is a sad day when a representative to Congress has to get involved in order to pressure the University to do what is right.
As for the opinions raised on the Blogosphere regarding the movie–especially those expressed on Little Green Footballs–the film has yet to be released because, well, of a lot of reasons. It is real, it is powerful, and it is worth waiting for.


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