Missing Asia

Fareed Zakaria brings up a good point in Newsweek: both Bush and Kerry failed to mention their foreign policy regarding Asia in the debates.
Which brings up a point for me: does anyone but the Project for the New American Century have any Asia policy ready to go? Does anyone know if the Dems have even thought up that alley? It would be nice for the US to prepare itself for what many think will be America’s largest challenge this century.
I wonder the same for Israeli foreign policy–is Israel adequately preparing itself for the coming rise of the East? The Arab States have–that I know, and this can be evidenced by their growing economic relations with China. Israel is seems to be on its way–with military sales and cooperation with India on the up-and-up; but what about China? What will happen to the Israeli-Arab conflict when China will become the key player? I think that, international relations wise, these questions should be on the top of our agenda when thinking about the shifts of power in the Middle East.


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