Hass gets in, one way or another

Amira Hass is only partially rightwhen she writes that donations going to improving Palestinians roads are directly aiding separation.
Thing is, while she decries the day that two states will live side by side–of course she cloaks this binational aspiration in the talk of apartheid–the strengthening of internal Palestinian infrastructure is the only way to create a viable Palestinian state.
Her assumptions about the far-off settlements remaining are, well, contradicted by the words of the Prime Minister himself, quoted also in today’s Haaretz, which details further steps towards separation. It is important to note that this is post-High Court, meaning that Israel has done something no other country in the history of the modern world has done–it has willfully given up territory in order to better the livelihood of citizens of another state.
So sorry, Hass. Your home in Ramallah will not be as easy to get to anymore. You might just have to choose between being a citizen of Israel or Palestine now.


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