Re-Writing History at the NYTimes

Two cases of historical revisionism struck me as, well, disturbing in today’s New York Times.
The first was in the page three story on Sudan, where the last paragraph–that which is supposed to give the reader background–informs us that “Rebels took up arms against the government in February 2003 after years of low-level clashes between Arab nomads and African farmers over scarce resources.” Excuse me? No mention of the campaign of ethnic cleansing–genocide–which has killed over two million Africans in the last decades, no mention of the agreements made with the government to stop the fighting even though government backed militias continue the carnage. Nothing.
Could it be that the Times is, a la Eason Jordan, afraid for their reporters lives and thereby appeasing the genocidal regime in Khartoum? I would not put it past them. How’s that for percieved integrity.
The next was a piece on the horror in Russia, Moscow’s Gloom Deepens as Fear Becomes Routine. The brutal murder of over 300 children is bad enough, but the NYTimes cheapens it–and takes a swing at American history too. Seth Mydans writes,

“You Americans, you have your bin Laden, and now maybe so do we,” said Vasily Nizovtsev, 34, who sells pirated video discs along with cigarettes and telephone credit cards.
This is not the United States, though, where the terrorist attack of Sept. 11, 2001 came out of a clear blue sky. This was the latest attack linked to a decade-long separatist war in Chechnya.

Excuse me? So not only is the “attack” sort of justified, but the Sept 11th attack “came out of a clear blue sky.” The Times is trying to lead us to forget the first Trade Center bombing, the Embassy bombings, the Cole…the nearly two decades of war being waged against the United States–or the “Crusaders and the Jews” as Bin Laden likes to call us.
If anything, these two examples–cause there are more in this issue–show us how deep the editorial line can be burried in news stories, and how much the media can push its agenda upon us readers, practically rewriting history as it happens.


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