The Next Step in Communication

Though this space usually addresses issues regarding the Middle East, I just have to take the opportunity and bring up the issue of cellular radiation and its alternatives.
There is no question that cell phones are harmful to our health. Putting up a radiation-emitting device to your skull for hours out of the day simply cannot be healthy. That’s why taking the next step to WiFi mixed with Voice over IP is so important. Think–you could have a dual use device which would utilize the low-energy radio waves of WiFi when a signal is present, and only in emergencies use the cellular waves we use now. It would both save energy and our lives.
Personally, I think it is up to the government to invest and standardize this new field. In order to protect the wellbeing of its citizens, and realizing that increased rates of cancer have a negative economic effect on the national economy in the long run, I think a massive investment in WiFi could provide the necessary economic incentives for the further development of this technology. Israel, as a small and rather online country with an average of 1.5 cell phones per person, should make the first step and become the first country with full VoIP.


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