If Sudan Says So It Must Be True

Not to rag on the New York Times too much today, but they carry an AP report that headlines “Bowing to U.N. Demand, Sudan Says It Will Disarm Arab Militias”. I seem to doubt they will. Why? Well, with two million dead and only a few million to go, especially with no sanctions written into the text of the resolution, I doubt the racist Arab government will call off the militias that have given them plausible deniability of genocide.
The resolution hints at sanctions, you say? Well, resolution 1441 hinted at military action if Iraq did not “fully comply,” and I don’t need to remind you how smoothly that went.
I expect a lot of nothing until someone in the international community–guess who–realizes that Europe’s “soft power” won’t get them anywhere, and then we will see real change. Remember: slavery and genocide were never stopped due to sanctions.


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