Congress of Middle Eastern People

I am currently attending a conference called “Vision and Covenant” in Jerusalem, where I met a very interesting Swede named Daniel. He, among other things, is building an alliance in Sweden between Jews and Kurds and Assyrians–a mutually supportive forum for self-determination.
And, since my time is limited (internet access, for some reason, is horrible at this hotel) I wanted to put out this idea: what about creating a Congress for Middle Eastern Peoples? This would not be a legal entity, but rather an international NGO that would hold symposia and initiate task forces to re-think the current international assumptions regarding the Middle East. The only requirement for entry would be being a person whose ancestoral and ethnic roots are in the Middle East, and that one supports the universal right for self-determination.
I think such a Congress could really bring together all of the oppressed minorities in the Middle East, and aid the democratization of the region by increasing pressures for pluralism. Any thoughts?


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