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Arvind Kumar, an immigrant from India who lives in the United States, wrote an op-ed for the Jerusalem post saying: “Islamic societies around the world, Arab countries in particular, have reputations for being intolerant of non-Muslims. They have become closed societies controlled by their religious leaders and, as a result, have slipped into a state of backwardness and become breeding grounds for violence. As we know, religious fanatics from Islamic countries are responsible for many terrorist acts around the world. Though things may seem to be out of control, it is not impossible to change the situation. The solution lies in converting such societies into tolerant ones by making them multicultural and pluralistic in nature.”
Logic is clear cut, the idea is great. I wish Kumar’s dream would become a reality, though, and the only way that will ever happen is if our intellectual class would stop blaming the US for all the world’s ills and start thinking about how the Arab/Muslim world can help out too.


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