So, Why Were you Fired?

U.S. Army Brigadier General Janis Karpinski, formally in charge of the infamous Abu Ghraib prison, has charged that “she has evidence that Israelis were involved in interrogating Iraqi detainees,” according to Haaretz. She said she saw an individual there that I hadn’t had the opportunity to meet before, and I asked him what did he do there, was he an interpreter – he was clearly from the Middle East.”
So let’s get this straight: not only did she not know about the torture, but she also did not know about the personnel in her own facilities? Also, knowing that there have been Israeli Arabs and Druze working as private contractors in Iraq—remember the time Arafat had to convince Iraqi insurgents that Israeli Arabs didn’t work for the Mossad—the New York Times doesn’t say anything? Seems fishy to me. Looks like someone wants to scapegoat the Jews.


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